Do What Just Feels Right. . . .

Youth culture is a map and a mirror. It is both directive and reflective. We watch it to see where it’s sending us and our kids. We watch it to see where we are. We monitor, deconstruct, and exegete it to know how to bring the map of the Biblical world and life view to bear on the realities that exist. A world that’s not the way it’s supposed to be keeps heading in that direction. We’re in desperate need of being straightened out, fixed, and made new. That’s why we listen and watch carefully.

Looking for a cultural map and mirror to ponder and talk about over the next month or so? Here’s one worth engaging.

“You 86 the rules. You do what just feels right. . . “

4 thoughts on “Do What Just Feels Right. . . .

  1. I disliked this commercial before… just because it’s goofy and says absolutely NOTHING about clothes. I would change the channel everytime it would come on the television. But then I caught a little bit of what they were singing and I became disgusted with it.

    As a middle school youth pastor, I will show this clip to my kids.

  2. Hey WALT!

    Thirty irritating seconds.The GAP ad not only has the relativistic “do what feels right” and the frameless “86 the rules”..It has an implicit pluralism espoused with the list of holidays or holy-days all lyrically on an equal footing.By listing off Hannukah,Kwanzaa,Christmas,Solstice it not only “includes” everyone but offers us a theological and ideological do what you want.It not only irks me as a production piece it bugs me that in a quiet way it undermines the supremacy of Jesus. Thus in a few seconds it manages to convey the spirit of the age what you want believe what you want

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