Fun stuff for the weekend. Take a look at this amazing photo from a couple of nights ago at Citizens Bank Park. Lisa, Chris, and myself went down to the game with our CPYU researcher Doug West. Doug has an amazing camera that he’s been using to take some equally amazing photos. So, when Carlos Ruiz took one in the ribs . . . ouch! Just take a look at the ball on his side. Nice work Doug!

We love the photo so much that we’re running a little caption contest over the weekend. Be creative and just leave your caption as a comment here on the blog. We’ll be choosing the winning comment on Monday. The prize will be a nice one.

If you want to check out more of Doug’s Phillies photos and some great nature shots, visit him on Facebook.

13 thoughts on “Ouch! . . . Win Big. . . .

  1. “Carlos Ruiz’ amazing & crowd-pleasing ‘Human Seal’ routine of keeping a baseball on top of a bat balanced on his nose goes awry as he stumbles over home plate.”

  2. Carlos Ruiz reacts in discust as he fails at playing his favorite youth ministry game, Armpit Baseball Relay in which particants must carry a baseball in their armpit while balancing a baseball bat on their head.

  3. Breaking News:
    While attempting to mimic Philadelphia Flyers Claude Giroux’s goal scoring pose, Phillies Carlos Ruiz abruptly realized that the Chicago Cubs’ pitcher is a Blackhawks fan.

  4. We let the photographer pick the caption winner. Doug says that Slapshot takes the prize! Could it be that Doug is biased since his Philadelphia Flyers are going to beat the Canadians and take the series tonight?!? Slapshot. . . give us your mailing address and we’ll send you the prize. . . a couple of nice books from CPYU!

    So Doug. . . take some more pictures so we can do this again!

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