Over Here vs. Over There. . . .

The other day I read something that describes the mounting challenges that committed European Christians are facing as they endeavor to live as faithful followers of Jesus Christ. In my selfishness, I found myself breathing a sigh of relief for the blessing of living where I do. But then I got to thinking – how would my life and faith be different if I wasn’t living in this place where Christianity is more enculturated and consequently “easier” or “cost-free”? Maybe another way of asking the question is this – “In the eternal scheme of things, is living as a Christian here a benefit or liability, a blessing or a curse?”

I think the answer lies in what I’ve gleaned from casual observation over the years. I’ve grown up and lived my entire life in what has been called a “Christian nation.” I’ve spent time reading, listening to, and engaging with loads of fellow believers from places I’ve heard some describe as “pagan nations,” – places like Canada, the UK, and other European countries. These are places where Christians live in the minority. As a result, there is a depth and seriousness to their faith that one rarely sees here where I live. There is a vitality and excellence that stands out.

What is it about them “over there” that sparks this difference from us “over here”? I think it’s the challenge of suffering that comes with life in the wilderness. These are the things that drive us to our knees, that cause us to seek dependence on God, that shatter the idols we’re inclined to worship, and that ultimately take us deep into the things that really matter.

I was reminded of these realities last night as I listened to Robin Mark, the songwriter and worship leader from Northern Ireland. It is out of suffering that he sings these amazing words in the opening lines of his song “All Is Well” – “He lowers us to raise us, So we can sing His praises. Whatever is His way, All is well.”

If – and when – it all comes undone, will we embrace His way as a blessing or as a curse?

2 thoughts on “Over Here vs. Over There. . . .

  1. Great thoughts! It’s interesting that I would just now come across your blog and find this entry, as my husband and I are in the process of moving to London to help with starting a church and sharing the gospel. We have a deep love for the people of Europe & I’ve often considered the same questions.

  2. Having lived and served in ministry in the Netherlands for the past few years I would agree that trying to follow Christ in post-Christian Europe could be compared to an exile experience of sorts. But it’s like Alan Hirsch said at a Catalyst conference – God teaches you in exile what you could have never learned in the Promised Land. And while I wouldn’t say that the US is the Promised Land by any stretch(!), thankfully God is faithful to grow us wherever He places us…

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