At a time when we should be ministering to her and her family, she is ministering to us. I have been so encouraged by the posts Alisa Parrett is regularly writing for the Caring Bridge site she’s using to keep us all updated on her Dad’s condition. You might remember from my July 6 posting that my friend and seminary mentor, Gary Parrett, was in a horrific bus accident in South Korea that claimed 12 lives. Gary is still hospitalized in Korea, will be hospitalized most likely for an exteneded period of time, and has still not woken up.

I mention the nature and tone of Alisa’s posts because they are testimony to the sustaining grace of God, the hope that is ours in Christ, the power of the Great Physician, the importance of nurturing our children in the faith, and the power of our spiritual legacy. If I remember correctly, Alisa is in her early twenties. She is her mom and dad’s only child. I’ve only met her on a couple of visits to her family’s home, but her postings over the course of the last few weeks have allowed us all to see into the heart of young woman whose deep faith is sustaining her during these difficult days. This is significant as Gary has long been a humble yet outspoken advocate of the need for the church and family to educate children, particularly through the process of catechesis. He has recently written two books on the subject, the latest – Grounded In The Gospel – with J.I. Packer.

Gary’s investment in the spiritual nurture and education of his own daughter is very evident in her postings. If you read back over what Alisa has written, you will find that some of the hymns written by her father have served to sustain and encourage Alisa and her mom. Gary’s is ministering to his family even while not conscious. In turn, they are ministering to us.

Please continue to keep Gary Parrett and his family in your prayers.

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