The Process of Processing and Praying. . . .

Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of my current situation is that my normal schedule and routine has been disrupted. I am dependent on others for almost everything. I have yet to get back into the swing of reading, something I hope to do extensively during the recovery process. And my ability to focus on and think about the things I’m used to focusing on and thinking about is severely limited due to my physical condition. Consequently, any writing related to youth culture has been put on hold. My speaking schedule and all the preparation I’m normally involved in this time of year has been put off. Even my ability to blog is limited. In the midst of this, I realize that God is sovereign, in control, saying something to me, doing something in my life. . . . and for that I am extremely grateful. If you would be willing to pray for me, please pray that I wouldn’t miss it.

Over the course of the coming weeks I am determined to be intentional about processing and sharing what it is that God is teaching me through this. In addition, I am trying to learn more about what actually happened when I wrecked my bicycle on July 30. Thanks to the good dective work of my daughter Bethany, I was able to contact and talk to one of the witnesses who saw everything happen and made one of the 911 calls. I was especially curious to know how far away from my bike I landed. She told me that she really didn’t know because she was on the phone with the dispatcher the entire time and was too scared to get out of her car. She did tell me that I was thrown at least 10 feet in the air, that I flipped, and that I landed like a “rag doll.” All this reminds me of the wonderful mercy of God, sparing me any injuries to my face, head, neck, spine, legs, or right side.

Many of you have told us that your are praying for us. I can’t tell you how important that is right now. As you pray, would you please remember these specifics:

-for my family to experience the blessings of God’s sustaining power and grace as their lives are disrupted by these circumstances and they have to do so much to care for me.

-for my body to heal quickly, properly, and without complications.

-for continued lung health.

-for CPYU. . . what is already a difficult financial period is now getting that much more complex. Please pray that our financial needs would be met. Pray for our staff as they pick up and carry so much of my load.

-that God would be glorified through these circumstances.

4 thoughts on “The Process of Processing and Praying. . . .

  1. I admire your desire to be faithful through your circumstances. God is overwhelmingly provisional and I’ll be praying that God will comfort your family, heal your body, and meet the needs at CPYU.

    In His Grace~

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