They’re going to do it. . . and we need your help! A couple of weeks ago I told you that our hearty and healthy CPYU staff of 4 (the folks who work so hard to keep you updated on all things youth culture) are going to finish my bike ride. On Wednesday afternoon, October 6, they are going to take the 100 mile ride that I was planning on taking, but can’t (more on where I’m at in the healing process in a minute. . .)

So. . . here’s the deal. . . plain, simple, and straightforward. I was scheduled to ride 100 miles on August 25th to raised the additional $10,000 we need to 1) replace our CPYU computer server. . . should have been done three years ago so we’re living on borrowed time, and 2) replace two of our presentation laptops. . . have you seen the dinosaur I’ve been using when I present? Yep, it’s been getting some laughs lately! My plan was to have 200 youth workers step up and sponsor my ride at 50 cents a mile. . . . which – if I’m doing the math right – would result in the much-needed $10,000. Then, I wrecked and wound up looking ahead to months of recovery for a host of broken bones and other injuries.

Now that our staff of 4 is going to ride 25 miles each (that’s 100 miles!), I’m asking youth workers and others who benefit from our stuff to step up and consider sponsoring our staff at the same rate. We’ve already raised $300 towards the goal! If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation of any amount to sponsor the ride, just click right here! And, for any of you who live near us who would like to ride with the staff, just call our office to get yourself signed up – 717.361.8429.

But wait. . . there are some other ways you can help. I was blown away by a small group of individuals from around the country who emailed me to ask if they could take my ride in my place. Because of that, we’re inviting individuals, youth groups, families. . . anybody. . . to ride any distance on our behalf between now and mid-October. We’ve put together a downloadable instruction sheet and a downloadable sponsor sheet to make it as easy as possible. Just choose your date and your distance, recruit the sponsors, and then ride! You can click here for more information and the downloads.

While I’d much rather be telling you about what’s happening at CPYU, I will answer the requests of many of you who have been following up and asking how I’m doing. Tomorrow marks 7 weeks since the accident. God is doing something in my life. . . I’m just not sure what it is yet, but I am working and praying to sort it all out. I’ve learned more about suffering, pain, and prayer than ever before. I’ve realized that I’ve got a great family and some very special friends. Physically, I’m back to sleeping in my own bed and driving, although it is short distances. I’m walking alot in the neighborhood and doing more and more work at my home desk. I’m tired, I’m sore, and I’m stiff. But I’m not as tired, as sore, or as stiff as I have been. I’m going to therapy to get my left arm working again. . . and it’s getting better every day! My ribs, clavicle, and scapula are healing. I can feel that. My lung is recovered as far as I can tell. My bruises have disappeared. There are still some other things going on physically for me, but I’m simply asking people to pray for complete healing. I have also turned the corner on my fear of ever riding my bike again. . . and I’m looking forward to getting back in the saddle next spring. I most likely will be riding rail trails rather than on the road. I’ve learned that concrete hurts!

Finally, when I took my first little solo drive in the car last Sunday I went to our local K-Mart. Guess what I saw in the aisle? Yep. . . I think I might buy it!

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