I’ll keep this short and sweet! Circumstances (ie – a railroad crossing that swallowed my front tire) I encountered back on July 30th forced me to fore go my plans to take a 100 mile bicycle ride in late August to raise money for our long overdue tech replacement needs here at CPYU (ie – a new server to keep us connected to the world and two new presentation laptops to keep us connected with seminar-goers). I’m still recovering from my trip over the handlebars and onto the road, and probably won’t be doing any serious riding again until the Spring.

But just when I thought my ride would never happen, some other people volunteered to take it for me. That’s going to be happening next Wednesday afternoon when four members of our CPYU staff (Derek, Cliff, Chris, and my wife Lisa) hop on their bikes to ride 25 miles together on the Conewago Trail. Together, they’ll ride 100 miles on October 6. Most important, together they hope to raise the $7300 still needed to reach our goal of $15,000 for our tech replacement needs.

You were all going to hear from me back in mid-August as I was going to be soliciting sponsors for my ride. Now, I’m asking you to prayerfully consider sponsoring our staff as they “(Finish) Walt’s Ride for CPYU.” I can’t stress enough how important and necessary these computer upgrades are for us at this time. We need to make this happen. Your donation toward the ride can help make it happen. It’s as simple as this: If 200 people would step up and each donate $36.50, we’d reach our goal of $7300!

To donate to the ride, just click here and you’ll get all the information you need about making an online donation. Any gift – no matter how large or how small – will be greatly appreciated, not only by our staff, but by all those youth workers, parents, pastors, educators, and others around the world who rely on their connection to us both virtually and in person to feed their knowledge of today’s kids and how to reach them for Jesus Christ.

Thanks so much for considering my request.

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