Why We Do It. . . .

I was supposed to be in San Diego tonight. . . spending time with my wife and a whole bunch of friends who have not only devoted their lives to doing what we do, but who inspire us to pursue our unique calling with CPYU with excellence, passion, and integrity. A couple of thousand youth workers are gathered there at the National Youthworkers Convention as a community to be challenged, equipped, and refreshed so that they might be better able to pursue their unique callings as messengers of the Good News about Jesus Christ, walking with kids into the liberating life in the Kingdom of God.

Since we can’t be there this time around, I’m committed to praying for what’s happening this weekend on the other side of the country. I’m praying for my friends as they stand before youth workers to present the fruit of their labors in seminars. I’m praying for the youth workers who are the real heroes in San Diego. And, I’m praying that together, everyone will be challenged and equipped to address the deep hurt, pain, and spiritual groanings of a generation of kids that not only doesn’t have it easy, but is living in a world where fewer and fewer voices point them to the Redeemer.

If you don’t know how to pray for the kids and the people called to minister to them, give this video a look. This gives a glimpse into why we all do what we do. A special thanks to my friend Travis Deans, who gave me a heads-up about it.

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