They were both once viewed as squeaky clean. Mothers embraced them as relatively wholesome young role models whose movies, music, TV, etc. were safe alternatives to the glut of over-the-top stuff that sent impressionable young viewers and listeners down some dangerous and immoral paths. While many of us hoped they would grow into adulthood without morphing into role models for what-not-to-be, those hopes have been dashed. Consider what welcomed us all as we awoke to the news this morning.

Lindsay Lohan is in court again. This time for being charged with felony shoplifting. Yesterday, she appeared in court dressed in a manner that’s left people asking “what is that girl thinking?!?” not only about her continued run-ins with the law, but about her overall lack of common-sense when her future is riding on the line. Newly-turned-18-year-old Miley Cyrus is making news for her appearance in the magazine Marie Claire. She’s not only on the cover, but inside she talks about the wrong choices she’s made in recent years. Her photo shoot reveals additional insights into the choices she’s making now. . . choices that will serve her young followers as standards to reach and meet. In many ways, Cyrus defined childhood and adolescence for an army of fans. Now, she’s setting the bar for what it means to be a lady in today’s world. Our daughters and sons are watching.

As I watched the news report on Lindsay Lohan this morning, I wondered if and when things are going to finally click and turn around for her. How much longer can she keep jumping willingly off a cliff into the deep canyon of poor choices? Most of all, I felt sad for her. If you get a chance, look at the close-ups of her face as she listens to the judge. As i watched, I was convicted of the need to move beyond condemnation of her behavior, to praying for her. . . . as I would for the other confused kids I know and love who don’t live their lives in the media spotlight. It’s always easier to pray for them, isn’t it?

Yes, we need to respond to what we see and hear from this high-profile pair of young starlets with declarations of right and wrong as we apply what we know of God’s will and way for His creatures to the stuff that’s happening in our world. But I wonder if our statements of the truth will be flavored with nothing but disapproving condemnation. You see, if our declarations of truth are void of compassion and grace, then there’s something terribly wrong with us as well. We need to be praying for these girls. . . and every other young person they represent.

4 thoughts on “Miley, Lindsay, Truth, and Grace. . . .

  1. Thanks Walt. I agree and do pray. I also challenge others to do the same. Imagine the impact when these girls and others become followers of Christ!

  2. I think for leaders of youth it is important to remember that just as quickly as students are willing to listen to you and embrace your friendship, they are just as quick to watch Lindsey, Miley, or any number of media chosen role models for them and follow them. Our call to discern culture with students has become even greater!

  3. Ricky – Walt, how true and how sad it is to watch the lives of these two girls unfold. after following your stuff for several years, about 2 years ago i made the call on miley. it’s like a train wreck you see coming. dad’s pimping out their kids (ala jessica simpson saga/lindsay lohan mess).

    we are working through your “DOWNLOAD” curriculum right now. I will use your article in class on sunday – especially as everybody is pushing Justin Bieber to that same cliff.
    I also plan on watching the new faith hill – yess the “christian” faith hill – commercial for the flower delivery (the one that the young sound booth guy sends an e-card that that says his girl has an incredible rack).
    I read this article today and it seems to have the same spirit to it that you are writing about. check it out – i’m sure you’ve already heard about it.
    my comment about it is this: “just read this. how sad. great questions. i hope someone reaches out to her to pull her back to the reality of love instead of just being mad at her and trying to get her to convert for a spiritual notch on their belt! the poor girl doe…sn’t realize or can’t realize at this point how precious SHE is… much less her baby!”
    so… no i haven’t gotten off topic here. i have an 8 and a 10 yr old daughters. we’ve been through the miley stage. but my daughter brought home a justin bieber poster from school yesterday. actually, she paid an older girl that rides the bus with her to buy it. we’re not anti bieber – i just see the train coming down the tracks. he’ll ride this teenie bop ride for 1/2 billion dollars and his next album will be soaked in sexuality. i pray it doesn’t happen. but that train is coming down the tracks.
    won’t some adult step into his life for the love of God and Justin and stop this train?

  4. When I talk to the kids about this I give them this list:
    1- 3 closest disciples, zzzzzz
    2-author of most of the NT & chosen to evangelize to the gentiles
    3-God’s chosen people
    4-all of the people who eye witnessed JESUS’s ministry down here
    5-Me, every leader, & Pastor in their Church
    6-their parents
    By know they get it, FOLLOW HIM!!!
    If only i heeded those words as much as I say them to the kids. Well, like my Pastor says, “We’re all pond scum without HIM!!!”

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