It’s the big day. I’m currently out in Western Pennsylvania for a couple of days and it’s been nothing but a sea of black and gold. I’ve seen people and animals wearing things I never dreamed I’d ever see. They love their Steelers out here. I’m sure the same thing is happening out in Wisconsin.

This annual game has turned into something big. . . maybe too big. At least it may be too big for those who put their hope, trust, and longing for redemption into their team and the outcome. We live and die with our teams. I’m a sports fan. I know. Sadly, some live and die for their teams. It’s all a matter of keeping things in the right perspective. Still, it’s easy to get swept up into all the frenzy. The amount of money being spent on this game and everything related to it most likely exceeds the GNP of many nations. Just yesterday my wife overhead a conversation between a shopper and check-out-lady regarding today’s Super Bowl. The shopper lamented the fact that there will be players who make more money playing today’s game than he will have made in his entire lifetime. This game gets bigger and bigger every year. But when the game clock ticks down to all zeros the game will be over. . . and we need to remember that it’s just a game. Perspective is needed.

While we didn’t update our annual Super Bowl Commercial Discussion Guide this year (sorry, but we’ve been limited in our computer access and time this last week due to a server upgrade taking place in our office), I have a provided a link to last year’s version. You can access it here. Lots of time and money have been poured into this year’s commercials. Marketers are paying $100,000 per second this year! That makes the commercials worth talking about.

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