Daniel Day works for Axis, a ministry committed to moving students from apathy to action. Sounds like a mission we should all embrace. I love the mission, the concept, and what Daniel has chosen to do personally for the cause. Daniel has embarked on a journey of “doing without” for 10-day periods. So far, he’s spent 10 days without shoes and 10 days without furniture. He’s going to spend 10 days without legs. Right now, he’s in the middle of spending 10 days without media. I learned about his unique mission because he’s highlighting what we do here at CPYU in regards to media as he does without. I love it.

I want to encourage you to do a couple of things in response to Daniel and his journey. First, I want to encourage you to follow him as he does without. He’s got a blog going that you need to check out. Second, tell your students about what Daniel’s up to and encourage them to not only follow him on his blog, but to consider doing without something that would be personally significant. Third, pray for the ministry of Axis and consider having them plug into your group at an event or weekend. To learn more, check out their video here. Finally, consider going out of your way to teach your kids to interact with media Christianly and biblically. We’ve got loads of resources here at CPYU to help you with that task.

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  1. Walt,
    Thanks for sharing about 10 days without on your blog. Oh … and Daniel says thanks as well … he just can’t type it right now because spending his 10 days without media. We appreciate what you all do.

    David Eaton | Axis

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