Over the course of the last couple of years I’ve become increasingly convinced that the worst enemy we face here in the U.S. is an enemy that lies within. In fact, that enemy is ourselves and the allegiances we have to things that are just not very good for us at all. We love those things, we embrace those things, we celebrate those things. . . and those things are eventually going to kill us.

I include in that list many of our obsessions. . . things like certain TV shows, our technological gadgets, and stuff that fills our time. My theory has been that our enemies don’t need to resort to conventional weaponry to take us down. All they have to do is wait for the stuff in our “cultural soup” to run their course, and we’ll be finished.

This morning, I ran across this quote from Jimmy Fallon in USA Today – “North Korea has officially agreed to suspend its nuclear program. Apparently, they watched one episode of Toddlers & Tiaras and realized we’re destroying our own society.”

Funny. . . but so, so true that it’s also incredibly sad.

2 thoughts on “Jimmy Fallon And A Spot-On Cultural Critique. . .

  1. Wow you could not have out it better. This is what God has been speaking to me as a middle school leader….researching how to put it for tonight…do you want God ..or the world because if you chose the world it is totally opposite of God

  2. It was indeed a spot-on critique! The material things of this world are temporary, it may make life interesting but the real worth of living life is with God. The material world is only there to make us learn and prepare us for eternity. Even the simplest lives but as long as with God are most rewarding.

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