Tomorrow is the day when Macklemore and Ryan Lewis drop their debut full-length album, The Heist, onto the pop culture landscape. Of course, their video single “Same Love,” has been living on that landscape for about three months already. The realities and underlying convictions depicted and promoted in the song have been fairly well entrenched in culture for quite some time. . . more time, in fact, than most people are willing to acknowledge or admit. As a Christian, I ‘m called (as are all of us) to process and respond to “Same Love” and the issues it raises. I don’t want my response to be one of apathy. Nor do I want it to be a response that falls somewhere on the spectrum of head-shaking. . . to finger-wagging in disapproval. . . to even a more blatant “damn them” or “let them get what they deserve.” As a believer, I know I must respond. As a believer, condescending disapproval or a “let them get what they deserve” is not only wrong, but it hits way too close too home. After all, I don’t want to get what I deserve.

As I’ve been thinking about the “Same Love” video over the weekend my head has been spinning. There’s some grappling that needs to be going on here. The issue of homosexuality isn’t as simple as we want to believe it is. As we grow up in our faith and in our ability to think more deeply, we get wise to the complexity of human life broken in every which way. My once-held-but-never-really-stated-in-these-words-belief that those who are depressed should “rise up. . . suck it up. . . get ahold of yourself. . . and get over it!” is an example of simplistic hubris. I’ve been that guy on far too many fronts. I don’t want to be that guy on this issue. I don’t want to be that guy anymore. I don’t like that guy and I want him to go away. (That white-washed tomb belongs in itself.) Neither do I want to compromise on God’s divine will and way.

And so it is on homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and everything else that is related. As I worked through writing a 3(D) review on “Same Love” (which, by the way, we’ll be posting on our website tomorrow) I once more realized just how important it is for us to carefully think through and approach these issues with tremendous care and concern. There are three important considerations (questions) that I hope will mark my thoughts, my response, my interactions, and my life. . .

1. What does God’s word say about these things? . . . which is foundational and should come before all else.
2. What tone and posture must I assume as I discuss these things?
3. What tone and posture must I assume as I live out my convictions in relationship with people who might not only think otherwise. . . but who live otherwise?

By the way, the “musts” of questions 2 and 3 need to be dictated and shaped by the subject of question #1. For me, my emotionally-driven opinions (all-too-often fueled by my own pride) need to be put aside here. As we address this issue, let us be the bride of Christ who reflects the way and will of our Groom.

2 thoughts on “Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage. . . Our Response. . .

  1. Walt, again great starting point. As you note — a trivial, narrow or simplistic response is folly. This is a human issue and as we are complex, multifaceted so is the issue. I completely agree that the starting point of discussion must be what God has said. Even that gets messy as folks disagree. And frustratingly, Jesus did not speak directly to it. 66 books and a few explicit mentions, a ton of implicit ones though. I look forward to more of your thoughts.

  2. The last line of your post was provocative for me…are we to be, as the Bible says, the bride of Christ, or the partner of Christ?

    While I, too, am prone to “emotionally-driven opinions”, I really think this question comes from a desire to be faithful to God’s revealed Word. Lord, search my heart.

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