Snapchat and Kids. . . .

We had some discussions last week about this popular new photo-sharing app that’s sweeping through youth culture. I want to make you aware of it. Here’s a little video you can watch to get you started. . . .

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2 thoughts on “Snapchat and Kids. . . .

  1. Had a conversation about this with my 14 year old sister in law and her friends over christmas, some don’t see the potential misuse of this app, while i have no doubts many others are fully aware of the many ways to use this maliciously. thanks for posting this.

  2. Walt, thanks for this post. I’ve written something to go live in the morning.

    I think one thing worth pointing out, which the “journalists” seem to have missed, is that the idea that an image is going away in 10 seconds is just not true. It says so right in Snapchat’s privacy policy that everything is stored and that they can use it for whatever legal purpose they want for their investors.

    They are just using marketing double speak. Under the heading “message data” they say they try to delete the images as soon as possible. But in the section above that they say they use an industry term “usage data” to try to mask that they are storing everything from your UDID to your MAC address to your IP to your Facebook ID/phone number/email address, etc.

    Additionally, since “usage data” can be requested by federal/local law enforcement and regulatory agencies, there’s absolutely no way they are deleting a single image! All they are doing is deleting it from a users view.

    So while this piece does a nice job explaining how it works, it’s missing the real meat of the matter… everything you post online is on the internet forever.

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