Super Bowl Commercial. . . Now That’s What We’re Talkin’ About! . .

If you caught Monday’s blog you know that once again, we’re encouraging parents and youth workers to seize the teachable $8 million marketing moments (or, more accurately, minutes) that will come flying at us before, during and after this Sunday’s Super Bowl. USA Today ran a great article today. . . “10 Super Bowl Ad Trends to Watch for Sunday” . . . in today’s edition. Just the inclusion of that article tells you how BIG the commercials have become. Not only that, but USA Today also ran a one-page ad of its own soliciting “panelists” to log in on Sunday to help gauge the best and worst ads through their online “admeter.” It just gets crazier and crazier and crazier doesn’t it?

Once again, I want to remind you about our free download – “CPYU’s Ad Filtering Questions For Super Bowl XLVII” – that you can use with your kids at home or at youth group this Sunday. Give it a look.

And while you’re giving things a look, here’s a Super Bowl Commercial from Allstate that you’ll see this coming Sunday during the game. Thanks to Chris Wagner in our CPYU office for alerting us all to this one. . . and it’s one well worth talking about! Oh. . and by the way. . .word is that one of the “sexiest” ads will feature a nerdly guy named “Walter.” Could they start using another name????

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