Here’s an ad that should keep us thinking, processing, and talking for a good long time. It’s a map and a mirror. As a map, it tells us what to think and how to live. As a mirror it tells us what we think and how we live. And, the greatest power of advertising is not its ability to sell product, but its ability to sell a worldview. That’s why it’s worth thinking about, processing, and talking about this ad amongst ourselves and with our kids. Take a look. What do you think?

When I see ads like this one I immediately start to process it through what’s come to be known as our “Simple Seven” ad processing questions here at CPYU. Here they are. . . .

1. What product is this ad selling?
2. What, besides the product, does this ad sell? (ideas, lifestyle, worldview, behaviors, etc.)
3. What’s the bait, hook, and promise?
4. Complete this sentence: “This ad tells me, use________ (the name of the product) and ___________ (the result the ad promises).
5. Does the ad tell the truth? What? How?
6. Does the ad tell a lie(s)? What? How?
7. How does the ad and its messages agree or disagree with God’s truth and what does that mean for me?

3 thoughts on “Tiger Woods, Nike, and a Flawed View of Life. . .

  1. The message is, who cares that you cheat on your wife, wrecked your home, and disgraced yourself publicly…so long as you got your golf game right again. Woods is a loser in the sense that he has lost what should be most important to him. He’s also in danger of losing his soul. Nike’s corrupt for propping him as long as they have and projecting this message.

  2. I think the ad is in response to Tigers critics, that said he was washed up and could no longer win. It does communicate the wrong idea though to people on the fringe of the headline news stories.

    I also believe that the Christians response should be…..Grace and Truth. Not condemnation. Remember Tiger is not a Christian, so it is unfair for us to hold him to Biblical standards. How would Jesus respond? Tiger, you messed up, big time, but I still love you! Now go and sin no more.

  3. This ad tells us that if we are winning it doesn’t matter how you are failing at every other area in your life. The sad reality is that nike just wants to cash in on the re-emergence of a golf star, and I am sure their marketers are going to play this into a huge pay day for nike and tiger.

    Great post! Thanks Walt!

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