Last night I had the opportunity to speak about kids and technology (a short segment of our “Born 2b Wired” seminar) to parents and staff at a local school district. They were holding an Internet Safety Expo that was designed to pass on all kinds of resources to parents. . . who happen to be the most important people in a child’s life (something we seem to have forgotten in our culture). We talked about the need to set boundaries for our kids, not only to protect them from others (predators, hackers, bullies, etc.), but to protect them from themselves (impulsivity, bad decisions, lack of wisdom, etc.). Sadly, we all know children, teens, and adults whose online behavior has been costly to themselves and to others.

This morning I opened an email from a friend (thanks, Kent Kessler!) that included a link to this helpful infographic that illustrates some of the physical  consequences our kids face due to too much time spent on their devices. It doesn’t paint an exhaustive picture, but it sheds enough light on the subject that it’s worth our time and attention. Take a look at the infographic. Pass it on to parents. And if you want to know more, you can read the full article here.

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