I ran across this great little two-minute interview that Jefferson Bethke did with Tim Keller. In the clip, Keller shares what he thinks are some of the best and worst marks of the emerging generation. An astute cultural observer who looks at the world through the lens of a solid and balanced worldview, Keller points out one of the frustrating ironies of the kids we work with. . . what it is that they aspire to and how they then fail to make that happen. In reality, all generations do the same thing in some way, shape, or form.

The real value of a clip like this is that it not only serves to inform us of realities we must recognize, but it sets the table for action on our part. In other words, if the table is set and we walk to it, we’d better sit down and sort it all out. We can’t just walk away.

I’m wondering. . . what do you think of Keller’s analysis? Is he on to something? And, if what Keller is saying is true, what are you doing to address and remedy the situation with the kids you know and love?

One thought on “Youth Ministry Dilemmas. . . Tim Keller on Young People and Community. . . .

  1. I think Keller’s points are incredibly accurate. I am not sure that young adults are aware of the obstacles they are putting in front of experiencing deep community. So they may travel, move, not work through relational struggles – but they might not see those issues as preventative to a deeper communal experience. The church might have some work to do here.

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