On Sunday afternoon, July 23, 1989, I sat at a table with five trusted friends who sensed, with me, that God was clearly calling us to embark on a new mission and ministry. Admittedly, we knew very little at all about what we were doing. What we did know was that our meeting was the first step into an adventure and journey of living under God’s guidance, grace, and direction. We had no idea where the journey would take us or how long the journey would last. Then, I blinked. And when I opened my eyes twenty-five years of working with The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding had passed. . . just like that! Along the way, that little group of six has grown to include a small army of people who are praying for us, supporting us, and working with CPYU!
This year, we celebrate our 25th Anniversary of CPYU. Again, so hard to believe. On Friday night, April 4, several hundred members of our CPYU family will gather here locally for an evening of celebration. We’d love to have you join us. You can get more information and register here
We remain committed to that original mission that we’ve been pursuing for the last quarter century. We continue to work to understand and expose the many voices in this world that convincingly call for our allegiance. And, we are committed to helping children, teens, and parents sift through this confusing babble to hear Jesus speak the truth that leads to our flourishing, both in this life and the next. Our goal is to, like Jesus, help people recognize the spirit of the times (“You have heard it said that. . .”), while communicating God’s Kingdom way of thinking, living, and believing (“But I tell you. . .”). The Apostle Paul reminds us that this transformation requires us to put “off” and abandon our misguided old selves, and to put “on” new selves that reflect God’s will and way for our lives (Ephesians 4). Our mission has not changed. Rather, it’s been cemented. It’s our prayer that this cement would continue to dry and harden as we forge ahead in this journey and adventure for as long as God allows!

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