Pursuing God. . . Do I? . . .

Every now and then a little bit of self-evaluation is necessary if you want to find and correct anything that’s gotten off track in your life. In my case, a lot more than “a little bit” is in order. Funny thing. . . just this morning I was asking God to increase my passion for knowing him. Every now and then you get a little numb, and I’ve been experiencing that a bit lately. While that might be a normal thing as we walk with God through the gift of this life in anticipation of the gift of the next, we can’t stay there. That’s why I voiced that request this morning.

pursuing GodSo. . . funny thing (continued). . . I was spending time just a few minutes ago writing scripts for our daily radio spot here at CPYU, “Youth Culture Today.” I wrote five spots that feature words from Paul Tripp and his wonderful parenting book, Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens. 

I found a little section Paul Tripp wrote on what it means for a teenager to have a heart for God. Hmmm. . . that’s just what I prayed for this morning. . . a passionate heart for God. Timely. He writes, “If your teenager does have a heart for God, these are the things you will see.” He then goes on to list and describe five “Signs of a Pursuit of God.”  Reality is, this just isn’t about the kids. These five signs are certainly what I want for my own kids, their spouses, and our grandkids. Reality is, it’s what I want to see and experience in my own life. 

So. . . how about a little bit of self-evaluation. I’m thinking and praying through these for myself. Am I pursuing God? Perhaps you would consider doing the same. Are you pursuing God?

1. There will be an independent life of personal worship and devotion. If we are pursuing God it will be a top priority to pursue time with God. We will immerse ourselves in God’s Word. We will pray. We won’t get it all perfect, but there will be a developing life of personal devotion.

2. There will be a desire for corporate worship and instruction. We will be glad to be in church each week. We will be there because we enjoy worship. In worship, we express our heartfelt love and thanksgiving for God and his work. We will enjoy being with other people who share our desire to praise God. We will be there because worship allows us to focus on the most important thing in our life. . . the existence of God and his glory.

3. There will be the pursuit of fellowship with the Body of Christ.  We will want to spend time with others who love God. We will desire to be involved in the Christian community. We will value the help, prayers, wisdom, insight, experience, and encouragement of the older and younger members of the body of Christ. 

4. The teenager who has a heart for God will be relaxed and open to discussion about spiritual things. We know that God’s word speaks in some way to every situation in life. We are hungry to be guided and corrected by God’s word. We are humble, open, aware of our need for God’s help, and we seek it. 

5. We will approach decision-making from a biblical perspective. We will have a heart for what is right. We have a constant Godward reference  to everything we do. We believe that the most important question in any situation is, “What does God want me to think, desire, say, and do?” We see the Bible as their most important tool in making the critical and practical decisions in life.

Powerful reminders for me, for you, for our kids, for our students. . . for all of us. What are you nurturing in yourself and in others? 

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