Youth Workers. . . An Ad You Can Use. . .

Yes, the sheer volume of youth culture makes my head spin. So much stuff. . . so little time.

As we’ve expanded and grown here at CPYU, I’ve benefited from knowing youth workers who discover and feed me stuff that I might not have known about otherwise. Earlier this week, Jason Shinn, a youth worker in Ohio, posted – of all things – a German commercial for a home improvement chain – on my Facebook wall. “Great commercial,” Jason wrote. He was right.

And so, I pass it on to you. It’s something you might be able to use with your parents. I think it’s a great discussion starter on the need to know and listen to our kids. It can spark conversations and awareness regarding parental grace and unconditional love. Sure, you’ll have some parents who protest. . . “That dad is affirming darkness and evil!” But this commercial is about so much more. And perhaps the very people who protest its message, might just be the very parents who need to tune in a little more to their kids. . . which is the real message this one sends out.

So here goes. . . and while I’m at it, is there anything else you’ve seen that we should all know about?



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