A Helpful Bullying Infographic

It was interesting and alarming conversation with a youth worker this morning.

A teenager showed up at the youth worker’s door. There was talk of suicidal thoughts. The spark? Being bullied at school. Okay. That happens quite a bit. Then the teen did what we tell teens to do. . . “Go tell someone.” In this case it was a guidance counselor. The guidance counselor listened and then responded, “That’s normal kid stuff. Go back to class.”

Thankfully, there was a trip to talk to a youth worker that they had never met before. Not all kids do that. It’s good that this one did.

We need to be educated, don’t we? And, we need to take every mention, every threat, every seemingly “normal kid stuff” thing seriously.

Thankful today for youth workers who are willing to listen, willing to share the hope of the Gospel, and willing to help kids who need help to get help.


bullying infographic



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