Teens and E-Cigarettes. . . some helpful info. . .

The other day I was sitting in traffic listening to the radio when I was reminded about a new threat to our teenagers’ health. It’s the whole vaping and e-cigarette phenomena. In a matter of a few minutes I heard vaping mentioned twice. . . once in an ad, and once in a news report about the dangers of this relatively new smoking option. A few minutes later, I noticed a young guy in the next lane who was nursing an e-cigarette. We’ve been working hard to raise awareness of this trend for a couple of years, passing on information and resources on teens and e-cigarettes.

Here’s an infographic and a news report that will help raise your awareness. . .



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2 thoughts on “Teens and E-Cigarettes. . . some helpful info. . .

  1. Walt,
    I’m a bit torn when it comes to e-cigarettes. The majority of teen users I come into contact with have adopted their e-cigarettes/vapes/etc in order to quit conventional/tobacco cigarettes–a couple have even successfully “weaned” themselves off the stuff entirely. While there is still the addictive nicotine to consider, it is certainly better (at this point–who knows what research will come out) than the alternatives. What more can/should we do?

  2. You can choose the amount of nicotine in the liquid you buy for vape pens. They even have the liquid without nicotine. Would you discourage using a vape pen without any nicotine?

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