Russell Brand on Pornography. . .

Common grace. . . general revelation. . . all truth is God’s truth. We talked alot about these things in theology class, didn’t we? Yes, even those who might not actively and consciously pursue a life under the way and will of God have an amazing ability to get it right. . . perhaps even more right than those of us who think we’ve got it all together.

So here’s Russell Brand. And this is good. If you find yourself waiting for a punchline, you’ll be disappointed. If you find yourself looking for truth, you’ll find it here. This is a video worth watching and talking about with kids. . .

3 thoughts on “Russell Brand on Pornography. . .

  1. I watched this yesterday after following the link via a friend on fb. I was floored. I couldn’t believe RB could think like this. Thanks for posting. This was a good one.

  2. Refreshing to see Russell speak out especially based on my preconceived notion about him. The delivery, half dressed and in bed may have been planned to help keep people focused but it did distract me at times. He talks really fast. I sent this to my older sons, I just can’t seem to get over the whole in your face sexual displays everywhere you turn on TV. The public has no choice in what Hollywood shoves at us, we keep eating at the trough whatever they feed us. I would love to see more stars step up and speak out even if it’s in an unusual way!

  3. Again, what a surprise from RB! I would really like to be able to read a transcript of this because as you said, the fact that he’s sitting half dressed in bed is quite a distraction for me and personally cheapens the real quality of the message, but what he has to say is of great value and would be appeal to people of any age who follow his train of thought. The fact that he is even thinking this deeply about this subject gives encouragement to people to re-examine their own understanding of sexuality and culture.

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