Teens And The Internet. . . An Infographic. . .

What are kids doing online? That’s a question every one of us should be asking. And with American teens continuing to live out the “secret-life-hidden-from-adults” existence that modern American adolescents have been living at least since the 1950s, the Internet offers an almost limitless hidden landscape on which to do all kinds of things. . . and to be victimized by others doing all kinds of things. Remember, the main issue facing kids today is the same issue facing all humans since our first parents decided that they knew better than God. That issue? Our own sinfulness and brokenness. We are prone to do the wrong things.

Perhaps this little infographic will spur you on in your efforts to guide the kids you and know and love in the right direction. . .

teen infographic

If you’re looking for the source of this infographic, you can find it here.

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