Trauma, Holy Week, and The Cross. . .

Easter week has gotten better as I’ve gotten older. In fact, as I’ve gotten older life has gotten worse in many respects, thus leading to new experiences of the joy of Holy Week and all that it means. When I say that life has gotten worse I’m referring to a more constant and gnawing awareness of my own sin and brokenness. It’s also the sum total of blows that life delivers over the course of a mounting number of years. If life is like a 12-round boxing match, advancing years equal advancing rounds. . . which leads to more punches taken. And that’s what makes Easter so doggone amazing! The biggest battle has been fought. . . and won.

As I’ve spent time this week pondering what it is that we celebrate, two things have come to mind. The first is a YouTube video I listened to while driving last weekend. It’s about the trauma that fills our world. . . and the only source of hope and healing. Every parent, every youth worker, every person should take 41 minutes and listen to this presentation from Dr. Diane Langberg.  “Trauma,” she says, “is the mission field of the 21st century.” Powerful stuff.

Second there’s this amazing image from artist David Arms. It hangs in our house. It’s called “Free.” Give it a look, and then rejoice in the message of the Gospel. . .

Free-Poster (1)


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