Texting While Driving. . . A Powerful Video. . .

I didn’t know the story of Jacy Good until this morning. She was pictured on the front of our daily newspaper under the headline, “Jacy’s Mission.” The story reported on a new  four-minute video that’s been viewed well over 50 million times since it’s release last week. I watched it. Jacy Good was 21-years-old and on her way home to Lititz, PA with her parents after her 2008 college graduation. A young driver who was distracted by his cell-phone caused an accident that killed Jacy’s parents and left her partially paralyzed.

The video is powerful. Watch it. Share it. Talk about it with the kids you know and love. For our Christian kids, they must learn that all of life is an act of worship. . . including driving.

You can download a fact sheet on “Texting While Driving” here.

One thought on “Texting While Driving. . . A Powerful Video. . .

  1. Thank you for sending this. I saw it floating around but I didn’t want to watch it. But since I usually take your advice, I watched just now and ended up in an ugly cry. I’m going to make my husband and children (eldest is 15) watch it. We need to do better with distracted driving (and with distracted everything!). And as parents, we MUST set the example for our children. Thanks, JJ

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