Nomophobia. . . Got It? A Helpful Infographic. . .

New stuff means new words. The folks at the Oxford Dictionary release a list of new dictionary entries (as well as those that have been eliminated) every year. Recently. . . and not surprisingly. . . a host of new terms they’ve included are related to the assimilation of new technologies into our lives.

Sadly, as with all things in our broken and fallen world, new technologies bring not only blessings, but also curses. These curses typically fall into the categories of what they do to us, and what we do with them.

And so, since 2010 we’ve been hearing about and seeing more of what’s called Nomophobia. Simply stated, it’s the fear of being without one’s mobile phone device. Do you think there’s a risk of dependence on and addiction to our technology?

There are loads of ramifications to this and we deal with many through our Digital Kids Initiative. This morning, I’m thinking about a generation of young parents who fail to set smartphone borders and boundaries, something that’s happening even for kids as young as one-year-old! What are we nurturing our kids into?

To get you thinking, here’s a helpful infographic on Nomophobia. . .


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