Culture In The Comics. . . .

My grandmother used to call them “the funnies.” I can still remember a few occasions when she read me comics from Philadelphia’s “Evening Bulletin.” For me, the best comic strips are those that capture some aspect of reality, twist it around to shed light on some kind of absurdity, then cause me to grin while considering necessary cultural or personal adjustments. There are a few comics that typically deliver the goods and wind up catching my attention.

I think that comics can be effective discussion-starters, especially with kids. Asking even the simplest questions like “Is this true? False”, and “What do you think?” are good ways to get kids talking about our world. . . which in turn can to lead paths where we talk about the Word.

Today’s “Bizarro” comic is one that I think can be used to lead us into an understanding of the way our world is, along with prompts for talking about the way the world should be. Give it a look. . . and then chat about it. . .

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