A Passionate Appeal To Parents. . .

There is a cultural narrative that is catechizing our kids. The classical definition of catechesis is “to instruct orally.” Traditionally, catechesis in the Christian faith took place in the home and the church, with adults asking students a series of questions about the faith, to which they would memorize and recite answers. Regularity and repetition were employed to make the instruction effective. Today, as teens engage with media about 9 hours a day, they are being catechized through regularity and repetition into a series of cultural beliefs that result in behaviors. . . now and for the rest of their lives.

Its for this reason that Christian parents need to seize upon every opportunity to facilitate the Christian formation of their kids by communicating the Biblical narrative. In effect, we must be speaking louder than the culture. And as we teach our kids the truths of God’s Word, we must also trust the Holy Spirit to do the promised work of the Holy Spirit in bringing about change. Our goal should be to participate in the work of shaping our kids as they grow up in the midst of cultural bent on mis-shaping our kids.

Sadly, one of the biggest roadblocks to effective Christian nurture of children and teens is parents themselves. Perhaps we have not been nurtured nor are we nurturing our own selves, leaving us with little or nothing of spiritual truth to pass on to our kids. Neither our words or our example are strong or compelling. In addition, we’ve allowed the cultural narrative to catechize us as we immerse ourselves in it and embrace it in our word, lifestyles, and priorities.

Change is urgently needed. Parents, I invite you to take four minutes to view. . . and then even more time to act upon. . . this passionate appeal from David Platt. I think its right on. . .

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