Youth Ministry Relevance. . . And Your Song Of The Summer. . .

Do you have a group of friends who challenge you, encourage you, stimulate your thinking, and hold you accountable? If not, you need them. . . desperately. I’ve got that in a small group of trusted buddies who do all that and so much more. I’m seeing the continued necessity of this all the more this week as social media is lighting up with the back-and-forth over theological integrity in the church and youth ministry. For me personally, I want to be on-message with clarity, integrity, and Biblical faithfulness. My group of trusted friends feeds me and reigns me in. It’s so important.

When I brought two of those friends (Duffy Robbins and Marv Penner) into a recording session for our Youth Culture Matters podcast a few weeks ago, we had no idea just how timely and relevant the topic of “Sacrificing Truth On The Altar of Relevance?” would be when we released this episode of the podcast yesterday.

I want to encourage you to listen (see below). It’s an important topic and something that we all address. . . either consciously or unconsciously. And, just to add some fun to your day, I’ve included some videos below. These are the “songs of the summer” we chatted about at the beginning of the podcast. Since I’m a big lover of all things summer, I’d love for you to comment with the name of your favorite summertime tune.

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