Chris Pratt. . . I See What You Did There. . .

I’ve watched it several times now. Several of my friends thought enough of it to message it to me. It’s Chris Pratt’s gone-viral acceptance speech upon receiving The Generation Award at the MTV Movie and TV Awards the other night. Pratt took the occasion to speak “Nine Rules From Chris Pratt” to the next generation. And rather than hit the low-bar too often set in other similar speeches that tend to be more about getting laughs than telling the truth, Pratt took it up several notches.

It’s clear that Pratt is a young man in process (like me. . . except for the “young” part), that he’s not a preacher (we might set our expectations for theological accuracy a bit lower), and that he’s passionate about communicating counter-cultural truth to a culture that desperately needs it. And did you see how he communicated that truth? There was a mix of low-grade, snarky humor. . . reminding me a bit of the way many of us in youth ministry are tempted to communicate (not necessarily a good idea). . . and some great, Scripturally-based perspectives and guidelines on life. He called his young listeners to excellence, hard-work, recognition of pursuing soul-care, loving neighbor, ethical boundaries, prayer, love of God, and recognition of Christ’s blood-shed to cleanse us from our imperfections. While I know that the Scriptures don’t teach, as Pratt said, that God created us as imperfect beings, God does in His grace offer to make us new creations.

If your kids have watched Pratt’s speech, talk about it. Chris Pratt has given us an occasion and springboard for conversation. Ask them about his Nine Rules. And build on the foundation Pratt established by pouring truth upon truth.


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