Youth Workers. . . Nurturing Parents Into Nurturing Their Kids. . .

Youth workers. . . three realities about life and youth ministry. . . and one response. . .

Reality 1) Jesus calls us to “come and follow me” in every nook and cranny of life. Discipleship training must touch every square inch of a student’s life.

Reality 2) Marketing is a nook and cranny usually left untouched. . . and when they are seeing 4,000 to 10,000 life-shaping marketing messages a day. . . well, we need to take steps to point them to thinking about and processing these messages critically and Christianly.

Reality 3) Parents are the ones primarily responsible for the spiritual nurture of their children. So, shouldn’t we be taking to steps to equip parents into discipling their children when and where needed?

Response 1) We’ve put together an easy-to-use plug-and-play brand new video parent meeting (use in 1 meeting for about 90 minutes,  or over the course of 3 meetings with each one dedicated to the specific content contained in one of the video segments) that you can use with parents to teach them how to disciple their kids into bringing honor and glory to God in their non-stop engagement with marketing! It’s called “Raising Marketing-Savvy Kids.”  You are teaching parents how to nurture their children. You are teaching parents how to integrate their own faith into all of life. And, you are teaching them how to train their kids in how to apply the Scriptures to everyday stuff.

Take a few minutes to check out what’s included. There are 3 video teaching segments. . . about 12 minutes each. Then, there are follow-up discussion questions that you can use after each teaching segment to direct discussion among parents. We’ve also included loads of supplemental material you can use to make your parent meeting a success. For a short time, we’re offering a discount and you can learn more about our “Just Add Parents” parent meeting here.

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