Phones, Addiction, and The Health Of Kids, Families, and Youth Groups. . . A Helpful Video. . .

This weekend I’ll be speaking to youth workers and parents out in Michigan. . . addressing cultural and spiritual issues among our kids including things like anxiety, narcissism, and social media. While thinking about the inter-relationships between the three (think symbiosis along with cause and effect in both directions) I realize that there’s a kind of mounting feeding frenzy in our hearts and minds that is sucking us in and draining us of our potential for God’s intended human flourishing.

Sometimes when the water we live in becomes all-too-familiar we need to jump out and take a look back in to see what it is we’ve been swimming in. . . usually without even knowing it. Does our environment and the choices we make move us closer to living in ways that are good, true, right, and honorable? Or does our environment and the choices we make move us in the other direction?

You will hear me quote the late media critic Marshall McLuhan over and over again. . . “First we shape our tools and then our tools shape us” . . . or even mis-shape us.

And so, as a little exercise in self-evaluation, take a couple of minutes to digest this provocative little video from Simon Sinek. Go ahead, jump out of the water. . .


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