Youth Workers. . . Stay Staked. . .

Youth workers. . . this morning, I kept pondering our need to pray for one another. You for me. Me for you. Here’s what’s urgently nudging at me this morning. . .

Without an anchor, we drift along with the prevailing winds of the spirit of the times. Without a stake in the ground we run loose like dogs whose only boundaries are wherever they feel like going. Both ways ultimately lead to drifting and destruction.

One of my greatest concerns about myself is that I will consciously choose or unconsciously slip into cutting off my anchor or “freeing” myself from my stake. . . both of which – anchor and stake – are a firm belief in God’s revelation of Himself in Scripture and Son. If I set myself “free” as a follower, I am doomed. If I endeavor to set others “free” as a leader, the millstone around the neck will be mine. These are sobering thoughts that must push me to humbly and constantly check my anchor and stake. Self-awareness is a spiritual discipline.

Yesterday, I read the words of an attractive, compelling, and convincing shepherd who is leading a growing flock of followers astray. The name of “Jesus’ is invoked, kindness is oozed, and “love” is put forth as the foundation for all that is taught. But the path to which he leads is one that wanders far from that which is revealed in Scripture. . . . which he sees as antiquated, even misinterpreted for 2,000 years of church history. . . and thus, jettisoned in favor of a more progressive and affirming way.

I am reminded that each of us must humbly follow. . . not on our own self-determined terms. . . but on the terms of The Master. . . not what we may think or desire The Master’s terms to be. . . but what they actually are. And, as we faithfully and humbly follow The Master, true love for those we shepherd and those we long to see come into the fold will evidence itself in that balance between grace and truth. The Shepherd never tells us “Go ahead and go where you will.” Rather, He leads and we follow. He loves us enough to tell us the truth. . . and we must do the same.

With the Puritans we must pray, “May my religion be always firmly rooted in they Word, my understanding divinely informed, my affections holy and heavenly, my motives simple and pure, and my heart never wrong with thee.” (The Valley of Vision).

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