Youth Workers. . . What Kind Of Shepherd Are You? . . .

My friend John Freeman from HarvestUSA is passionate about seeing young and old alike experience what they were made for. Their ministry at HarvestUSA is all about leading people into the path of sexual flourishing. Sadly, what John sometimes encounters in the church is more alarming and discouraging than what John encounters outside the church in the culture-at-large. John says this: “Sometimes church leaders are committed to educating people in a worldview of sex and sexuality the way God intended. But some pastors have told me they won’t talk about these issues because they’re afraid they will lose people.”

When I read John’s words this morning, two thoughts came to mind. First, am I faithfully proclaiming God’s will and way for the good of His people in ways that don’t compromise on the truth. . . no matter the cost? That’s a question I need to keep asking. . . over and over and over again.

Second, I got to thinking about how increasingly I’m seeing John’s observation worked out in our youth ministry world. Are we talking enough about Biblical sexuality. . . a message that will confront the cultural narrative head-on. . . with truth and grace in spite of the fall-out?

When numbers/size/successful marketing/and maintaining our own personal comfort take precedence over nurturing people onto the difficult path of discipleship, we are no longer shepherding but leading astray. Lord, let it not be so.

If you want to learn more about shepherding the hearts of children and teens, check out this book.

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