Youth Are Not The Future. . . Wishing I Was There. . .

Sometimes you find yourself jumping out of your skin with a combination of excitement and disappointment. Today, the excitement comes from what I’ve been seeing and hearing as I’ve tracked on and off with this week’s livestream from The Gospel Coalition conference in Indianapolis. My disappointment comes from having to watch the livestream rather than being there to take it all in personally.

Last night I texted with my good friend John Perritt from RYM (he’s there!) and this morning I emailed my buddy Cameron Cole from Rooted (he’s there as well!). I told them both that I was so encouraged by what I was seeing and hearing. Truly a joy!

This morning, I sat and watched the video of Cameron leading a panel discussion on the topic “Youth Are Not The Future: The Urgent Task of Evangelism Today.” I was overjoyed to hear spot-on cultural analysis rooted in a clear understanding of and commitment to the Gospel.

Youth ministry friends and parents. . . please carve out some time in your day today to give this a look. These are the kinds of conversations we must be having. . .

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