“After”. . . Is This “Fifty Shades” For Teens? . . . .

There’s a new movie hitting the theaters this Friday. It’s titled After. On the one hand, the film is reflective of current sexual attitudes, mores, and behaviors. On the other hand, it’s a film that will teach, promote, and affirm those sexual attitudes, mores, and behaviors among kids who are looking to learn how to navigate their emerging sexuality. I don’t even feel comfortable putting a picture of the movie’s poster here in my blog.

On today’s episode of our daily one-minute radio spot, Youth Culture Today (listen below), we address the arrival of After. Keep an eye out for more information from us on this film as it establishes its place on the youth culture landscape. And in the meantime, give today’s Youth Culture Today a listen, and then check out our online Sexual Integrity Initiative to access resources that will help you frame God-honoring conversations with your kids about God’s good and glorious gift of sexuality.

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