LGBTQ And A Conversation That Brings Some Clarity. . .

Her story is compelling. Two decades ago she was an outspoken lesbian activist, university professor, and a shaper of queer theory. Today, she is a follower of Jesus, a pastor’s wife, and a homeschool mom. When I first read Rosaria Butterfield’s story in her book The Secret Thoughts Of An Unlikely Convert, I was reminded of God’s amazing grace and the transforming power of the Gospel. I was not alone in my response to the book. . . it blew me away. Her subsequent writings have done the same as they bring Gospel-centered sense to the head-spinning conversations and debates regarding sexuality and gender. . . conversations and debates that are unfolding so fast both within the church and in the culture-at-large.

A few weeks ago I sat down with Rosaria Butterfield to hear more about her story and to ask her to help bring some clarity to the conversations we’re having. Not unexpectedly, Butterfield spoke with passion and conviction regarding God’s will and way for our sexual flourishing.

I invite you to listen in to our conversation on our latest episode of our Youth Culture Matters podcast. . .


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