Teen Vaping. . . A Helpful Infographic. . .

This morning I had breakfast with a public school administrator. Since every high school and middle school is a microcosm of our larger global youth culture, it’s helpful to hear what educators are seeing, hearing, and having to deal with in the student population. My friend informed me that they have just purchased a vape sensor to put in a high school bathroom. Why? To counter and address what they believe is one of their main health/behavioral issues at their school. Reality is, this is happening at schools everywhere.

Before heading out to breakfast, I did a quick check of the news and saw this report from CNN: FDA investigating 127 reports of seizures, neurological symptoms related to vaping. Again not at all surprising.

Because vaping has spread like wildfire through our student population, it’s necessary for us to address the unfolding litany of health issues related to the practice. Here’s a helpful little infographic you can pass on to parents in order to begin the process of arming them with the kind of information they can use as they pursue their efforts to teach their kids to steward the health of their bodies to the glory of God. . .

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