Youthworkers. . . 3 Principles For Effective Youth Ministry. . .

Youthworkers. . . I see and hear you in the midst of your ministry frustrations. I’ve been there. Truth be told, I still go there from time to time. As I read your laments as you post them in the Facebook youth ministry groups, I grieve for you as you struggle. Are you there? . . . sometimes feeling incredibly alone as you struggle to fulfill the high and holy calling that is yours?

As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned and am still learning to remind myself of several realities whenever I find myself treading water in my frustration. This morning, our CPYU Together In The Word Facebook group read the May 14 entry in James Boice’s “Come To The Waters” devotional (it’s a good one if you haven’t yet discovered it). In his commentary on today’s reading from Jeremiah 32-36-41, Boice delivered a powerful message and reminder to me. . . three principles to guide us in ministry to the city or wherever God has called us to serve (youth ministry in a local church). . . that are incredibly timely. These principles are timely not only in the sense that they will keep us in course as we wander individually, but each one serves as a pushback to a particular cultural temptation that we all wrestle with all the time in today’s all-about-me world.

Rather than try to summarize and re-hash these beautiful words from James Boice, you can read them for yourself below. May you be encouraged today!


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