Willow Smith’s “Transparent Soul”. . . Helping Kids Think Christianly About Her Music. . .

Last week a friend messaged me to tell me that a group of youth workers were wondering if CPYU is still producing resources to help them teach kids  how to think critically and Christianly about the hours upon hours of music and media they consume each and every week. One of them had a copy of the Download curriculum we had produced with my friend Doug Fields and Simply Youth Ministry back in 2010. I jumped into the conversation and let my youth worker friends know that “Yes!”, what we started over 30 years ago in terms of teaching media evaluation skills continues today!

In fact, “today” is literal. We just posted our latest 3(D) review based on our updated How To Use Your Head To Guard Your Heart: 3(D) Guide to Making Wise Media Choices, a resource that youth workers have used and continue to use to train students to filter everything through the lens of God’s Word as they ponder the worldviews espoused in popular music and media. The review we posted today is on Willow Smith’s new single release “Transparent Soul”. . . a catchy tune she recorded with drummer Travis Barker. We walk through the process of Discover, Discern, Decide as we unpack Willow’s lyrical and visual message put forth in the song and video.

You can download this free resource here, and you can learn more about securing copies of our How To Use Your Head To Guard Your Heart: 3(D) Guide to Making Wise Media Choices to use to train your youth group in media discernment. And, give a listen to today’s 1-minute long “Youth Culture Today” podcast episode where we talk about Willow Smith and how she is influencing/shaping the beliefs and behaviors of our kids regarding matters of sexuality and gender. . .

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