Youth Culture This Week. . . Did You Miss This? . . .

In case you missed it, here’s what we’ve been updating youth workers and parents on this week regarding the rapidly changing youth culture of our kids and how to respond. . .

On Monday. . . we talked about 20-year-old influencer Willow Smith and her promotion of a polyamorous lifestyle.

On Tuesday. . . the two-fold increase in intakes of adolescent eating disorder patients during the pandemic.

On Wednesday. . . the necessity of sacrificing time spent in our own interests in order to parent our kids well.

On Thursday. . . how the summer months are a time when kids are prone to choose to drink the growing number of sweet and inexpensive alcoholic beverages hitting the market.

On Friday. . . some beautiful and life-altering words of wisdom from Carl Trueman that are appropriate and necessary for young and old alike.

All it takes is 5 minutes to listen in on all five of this week’s episodes of our 1-minute Youth Culture Today podcast! We’ve embedded them all here so that you can rifle through them quickly. Remember, we can only respond to the realities kids face in today’s world if we are aware of those realities. . .

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