A Prayer When Getting Dressed. . .

We do it everyday. We get dressed. Our children and teens do it as well. When they are little, we help our children get dressed. And something I read over the weekend issued a challenge to turn the simple, daily and almost thoughtless routine of getting dressed into an opportunity to pray. . . both for ourselves as we get dressed, and for our children as we dress them.

The prayer comes from John Bradford and is contained in his book, Daily Meditations. Bradford was a 16th century British Reformer who was burned at the stake for his faith at the age of 45. Bradford wrote:

When you dress yourself, pray:

O Christ, clothe me with yourself. Be for me a warm garment that will protect me from catching the cold of this world.

If you are away from me, dear Lord, all things will be cold and lifeless. But if you are with me, all things will be warm, lively, and fresh.

As I cover my body with this article of clothing, please become the clothing of my soul. Put upon me mercy, meekness, love, and peace.

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