Twittering Narcissists. . . . .

Like all things in life, Twitter isn’t a bad thing. Hey, we even jumped into the Twitter-sphere here at CPYU. What we’re hoping, however, is that we use it in the right way. I’ve blogged about this before so there’s no need for redundancy. And, with everything else in life, this is a new technology that’s here to stay and that has to be used thoughtfully in a God-glorifying rather than self-glorifying way. How we choose to use Twitter says alot about who we are. How we choose to use Twitter models for our kids who they should be. We’ve got a responsiblity here. That said, somebody sent me something yesterday that’s equally funny and sad. I think it captures a bit of what happens when we are consumed by something we should responsibly consume. Give it a look and let me know what you think.

10 thoughts on “Twittering Narcissists. . . . .

  1. Walt, clip really shows the bad side of twitter. I have/still wrestle with the value or need for twitter. What I do enjoy about twitter is the quick information and networking that takes place. I follow some who share great insights about life, God, and ministry which is good. Goes beyond the typical “what are you doing?” so, good challenge to us. Thanks.

  2. Thought the video was pretty funny, while at the same time showcasing what you are talking about. It’s scary how accurate it is when the girl is screaming that without twitter, they won’t exist. Loads of stuff to think about in there…I think I need to twitter about how it makes me feel… 🙂

  3. Walt…brilliant! And I feel so convicted! There is some truth to the convenience of people having to keep up with you rather than you going out of your way for them. We keep moving more and more that way and the breakdown of relationships today is staggering. From AIM to Myspace to Facebook to Twitter…its been a gradual breakdown. Most of my students don’t know how to communicate and though these things are fun- its not helping them at all.

    Thanks for the post. I needed some laughs! I’m twittering about it now…..

  4. Very interesting vid. Definitely showcases what happens when you take a good thing too far or to an unhealthy extreme. Also highly amusing. =)

  5. I loved it! Especially the part about not having any friends! It causes one to think, who, in their facebook or twitter community could give you a cup of sugar when the recipe called for it and you were out. Or who could sit on the porch with you and drink lemonade and pass the afternoon away with little or no conversation.
    I recently had a bad experience with facebook and it has caused me to rethink this whole thing.
    Thanks for posting it, Walt.

  6. I’m frequently an early adopter when it comes to technology, but with social networking sites like facebook and Twitter, I’ve come to them pretty slowly. There are things I love about them both, particularly the ways I’ve been reconnected to “real life” friends from my past, and I do use them a few times a week. At a fundamental level, though, I see these sites moving us further away from connectedness with all of God’s creation (especially nature and those in poverty) in favor of a life where self-expression is more important than selflessness. And ultimately, that makes me sad.

  7. Enjoyed the clip, but I am not in anyway “convicted” to stop twittering or facebooking because of it.

    I enjoy a simple social network where I don’t have to: spend money on phone bills or take the time to talk with people. I enjoy hearing how the lives of my friends and people I have known over the years are but I don’t want to talk to all of them on the phone for thirty minutes a week (I would go broke). Yes, I do talk on the phone and enjoy keeping up with “close” friends. I would rather use that time to spend with my wife, children and friends who live close.

    There are times I am encouraged, reminded and supported through post or updates. I realize there are some people who take it, and everything, to extremes but I don’t see that being the norm. In a way it parallels your most recent article on smoking, there have always been superficial ways to communicate. Like me commenting on a website knowing we will never actually talk about it.

    Thanks again for your incredible ministry and support to those of us trying to stay connected to teenagers.

    Living for Jesus & loving it!

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