I’ve got a folder on my computer that I’ve been slowly filling with interesting and funny stuff for several years. It’s full of newspaper and magazine cartoons that make me laugh while capturing the reality of living in a rapidly changing world. One of my favorite comic strips is Zits, a comic strip that captures some hilarious interaction between a teenager named Jeremy and his oft-times clueless parents who try to communicate across the cultural-generational gap with their son. Sadly, after a few months of reading the strip, I became aware of the fact that Jeremy’s clueless dad is named. . . . Walter. Oh well.

Eventually, I’m hoping to tap into my growing comic strip archive to do something educational and creative. But until then, the best I can do is open my growing vault of chuckle-inducing stuff from time to time to share something funny with people I know.

So. . . . here’s one from last week. The older you are, the more funny it is.

One thought on “Cartoons and Culture. . . .

  1. I love this. My youngest kid is now 27. The only “letters” I get anymore are birthday cards from them – even my fourteen year old granddaughter “facebooks” me.

    Cartoons have great power to communicate, even to people who only see one in a blog rather than from a newspaper. I regularly use them in my blogs to make a point – and on screen in Sunday sermons.

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