One Man’s Pain Is. . . .

This one’s just for fun. It all started with my love for the Tour de France. I’m spending a good chunk of my daily time during the month of July watching the race, something I’ve been doing for years. It’s the strategy, the skill, the colors, the scenery, and even the spills that have fueled my growing fascination.

Last night I was telling my family about the large number of crashes that have occurred during this year’s first few stages. A quick YouTube search turned up some great crash videos from the 2010 edition of the Tour, along with a plethora of unexpected crash footage new and old from all over the world of cycling.

That’s when I ran across this little clip. It seems a sporting goods store has used the footage in a commercial, which adds a little bit of culture to a video that had us all laughing pretty hard. My guess is that if you’re in ministry, this is one clip you’ll be able to use to illustrate all kinds of spiritual truths.

So. . . . enjoy. . . .

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