Miley Cyrus. . . Have You Been Listening? . . . .

I won’t say much on this one. It’s a chance to see who’s been listening. . . to the world of pop music. . . to the way things go in the world of pop music. . . to the development of Miley Cyrus and her short yet prolific career. . . to her messages. . . and to what we’ve been working to teach at CPYU about exegeting the culture.

So. . . give the 17-year-olds’ new video a look. . .

Discussion? . . . .

16 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus. . . Have You Been Listening? . . . .

  1. well…it’s “the dark” may make it tough to tell who owns one’s heart, but this work of art sure makes some profound statements about Who DOESN’T own it. I am sure this sells though…I’d say if Miley’s trying to project a new and edgy image, she’s doing a fantastic job! I can’t help wondering in times like this what She will be like when she’s in her mid 30s…what image will she want then, and will she have to try this hard to sell it at THAT stage?
    All the same…the song-beat is catchy, and I can still hear it in my head. I suspect someone in this equation was hoping to accomplish exactly that…

  2. Walt, your efforts to keep us informed and thinking biblically are so important. Keep reminding us of the patterns of the world (project a “pure” image to parents with a young artist, then turn them against their parents, etc) against the truth of Scripture. Your work is so valuable to my ministries parents and kids!

  3. Well, no more Hanna Montana. It’s not surprising though, this seems to be the trend of young female music stars. What I find sad is her exploitation, by her parents, producers etc, and that its happening so early in her life.

  4. wow … from a girl and family that have made passing references to their faith, i would have to agree that this song & vid make some profound statements as to who doesn’t own her heart … floating along w/ the culture … “if it feels good, then it must be OK … ” not surprised, but it’s a sad commentary, and ‘our’ kids will be tapping right along, mouthing the lyrics … hmmm

  5. Ha… Miley’s at it once again. Thanks for posting this Walt. People need to see it.

    Typical “what feels right at the moment” mentality. Which is why parents need to be thinking “with” their kids in this “space between” like you talk about in your book Walt.

    Funny side note: the club scenes remind me of what I saw last weekend chaperoning a local high school dance:

  6. I look at this and realize a girl who has been seduced and manipulated to play a role she is not comfortable with and you can see this on her face throughout the video. The immaturity of this girls of the lyrics and songs are still caught in the hanna montana days. Here is my question: Where is her father? A man who knows the business the dangers and snairs of it, the man who introduced her to fame and the lifestyle has obviously retreated from the frontlines of fighting for the purity of this girls life and and purity. If the talent was there to reach an older demogrohics then she wouldnt have to entice them through this and shame on her father for watching this happen.

  7. As I listened all I seemed to hear was her confessing that she knows what she’s doing is wrong, but the dark is just so alluring she can’t resist. At least she’s honest when she asks if it’s love or just the dark. Jonathan McKee blogged just the other day about his experience chaperoning a high school dance – this video seems to totally reinforce what he was saying: the people putting the dances together say “no dirty dancing” but then they play songs like this, which tells the students “It’s ok to give in to the dark, it’s more fun that way.” So disappointing…

  8. “i want to believe we are a masterpiece but sometimes it’s hard to tell in the dark”. true. wish she would turn on a light (literally and spiritually). perhaps then it wouldn’t be so hard to see the Masterpiece that she (and every young girl) really is…

  9. this breaks my heart. while we do not watch a ton of TV, my daughter remember watching the hannah montanna show and loved the music (she only heard it on the show). this week we discussed what she is doing and told her that hannah montanna would not be allowed in our house. my oldest daughter cried. not because she was lost something (well maybe a little) then she cried that she has turned into this. I encouraged her to write a letter explaining the truth to Hannah (I know not her name) and telling her how she feels.

  10. Here is a way out there thought I had the moment I heard the song. We know that in the past she has claimed to be a Christian. What if this song is referring to the struggle she is having inside to let God, who is love, or art, her music, rule her heart. I am probably wrong.


  11. disappointing. i kept thinking where were her parents during this taping.
    Where was her personal self respect. It’s way too early for her to go Nasty girl on us.

    how come the producers had her mostly being fondled by females while dancing. thats another statement & miley fondled back.

    the video makes a big statement to every young person who looked up to Miley as an artist who honors Christ.

    many a parent will buy this for Christmas because they remember Hannah Montana!

  12. It is very diheartening to see a young lady, who had such promise and potential, follow the way of the world and pervert her God-given gift. I have two young girls (9 and 7) who adore “Hannah Montana.” I can truthfully say that they will watch her no more. I try to control the amount of “adult” influence they see in TV and music. Hannah has gone from being a good, wholesome influence to being a worldly, very adult, influence. Again, such a shame and a waste.

  13. Who didn’t see this coming? Our music culture claims this is “just how its done” to sell a song/cd etc… It’s owned by pagans who are just using the same old tools with a fresh young face to make money. It will always be this way.

    There will always be a conflict between the way Christians and those in Hollywood see what they do. Hollywood draws a distinction between your performance on stage or camera and who you are in real life. So you can “act” in character in front of the camera because it’s all “art”. But in real life it’s not who you really are.

    Christians put their whole life under the umbrella of the Kingdom of God. So even in being an “actor” or “musician/performer”, the behavior should be in keeping with purity and biblical values.

    The conversation of “where do you draw the line” is a dynamic one because of the personal nature of it. It’s a place for wisdom and discernment. For what it’s worth, I think the line you draw for yourself or as a Christian actor should also be the same line for what you, as a Christian, would be ok to watch on TV, movies etc.

    I guess it just makes sense to me not to condemn an actor for an action that you were willing to pay for and watch.

  14. Although I agree that this is a very disappointing portrayal of how the youth and Miley have become so crude and immoral. However, I find the fact that a couple Christ-followers that have commented here have found it appropriate to judge “who doesn’t own [Miley’s] heart”. To me, that’s the biggest let down of all, not the video. We all sin, we all stumble; that doesn’t mean we no longer have Christ in our heart. Let is use caution in how we judge other Christians for the Word says we shall be judged by the same measure- Matthew 7:2.

  15. lea, great quote from the song, “i want to believe we are a masterpiece but sometimes it’s hard to tell in the dark”. . This quote would be a great discussion starter with our youth especially in light of Paul’s words in Eph. 2:10, For we are God’s workmanship (his poem), created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

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