This will sound like a crazy. . . absolutely crazy. . . question. But I’ve been wondering – are the most difficult days ahead for the 33 rescued Chilean miners? It’s difficult to imagine anything more horrifying than the 69 days these guys endured together, especially the first 17 of those days. But after all those days spent organizing, cooperating, and surviving life underground, it’s possible that their once-more-simple lives will now be filled with a complex web of temptations.

The day after all the miners had been rescued, I was thinking about their futures by trying to put myself in their place and wondering how I would handle it all. I did the same thing several times while they were down in that mine. Then, I jotted down these words: “Great adversity can bring out the best in us – we work together. Great prosperity can bring out the worst in us – we work against each other.” I know that because I’ve read history, I’ve watched people, and more than anything else. . . I know myself.

Everyone of these 33 men are about to get very, very rich. They knew that as time passed underground and their rescue was imminent. That’s why they made a pact to share any wealth that would come from telling their story amongst themselves equally. But the temptations that come with material abundance – as much as we think they can be very very good – can be very very bad. In a Puritan prayer about our human weaknessess the Lord is asked, “Preserve me from the intoxication that comes of prosperity; Sober me when I am glad with a joy that comes not from thee.”

Let’s keep watching the story and keep praying for these guys.

And one more thing. . . did you catch that brilliant thread in the story that was a wonderful marketing move by Oakley????

2 thoughts on “The Chilean Miners. . . . Difficult Days Ahead? . . . .

  1. I completely agree — and also think of the psychological effects that each will go through, as well.

    They’ve been through a traumatic experience, and believe me, it’s not something money can fix.

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