I’ve Got Something Exciting To Tell You! . . . .

Last week I was on Facebook and instant-messaging with a friend from Canada. I’m not sure how we got there, but one thing led to another and I told him that I was soon going to make an announcement that I thought might make him very happy. He’s a big fan of CPYU and he utilizes our stuff regularly.

In the midst of our virtual conversation, I told him that “something old from CPYU” was about to be “something new.” He excitedly asked, “Are you bringing back ENGAGE?!?!?” Nice guess Garth! You got it. And you’re not the only one who’s been wondering when and if ENGAGE would ever reappear. It’s back!

Here’s the deal. . . Let me start with a little explanation for those of you who aren’t familiar with ENGAGE. . . and for those of you who may have forgotten. ENGAGE was our 24 to 28 page quarterly journal on youth culture. For several years, it was in print and we sent it free to everyone on our mailing list. It got so costly that we had to cut the free deal, and sent it out to those who made a donation to our ministry. I never really liked that part. It started as a freebie, and I wanted it to stay a freebie. So, we decided to go paperless, save a few forests, and deliver ENGAGE as a free pdf – still the same length with the same in-depth information and analysis that we endeavor to deliver to you here at CPYU. Then, one thing led to another we wound up letting ENGAGE lay dormant. . . . until now!

In the coming days, ENGAGE will be revived in a new format. We’ve talked to several of you, and you’ve given us some great ideas. What we’ve landed on is this. . . ENGAGE will no longer be quarterly. It will be monthly! ENGAGE will no longer be delivered to you in one large pdf. Instead, each article/component will be available in its own pdf, thereby making it possible for you to download, email, and/or print out the articles you like for distribution, rather than having to print out the entire pdf. Included will be articles on youth culture trends, articles for parents, reviews, our very popular 3(D) media reviews (in a more timely manner!), articles on College Transition, and a whole lot more.

Now, here’s how you can ensure that you’ll be receiving the first and all subsequent monthly editions of ENGAGE. . . . and it’s all really simply and totally free! Those of you who are already subscribed to our weekly Youth Culture e-Update. . . you don’t have to do a thing, as ENGAGE will be delivered to you via email automatically. For those of you who are not already receiving our weekly Youth Culture e-Update in your email box, simply go to our CPYU home page and click on the CPYU Youth Culture e-Update button on the left side, or simply click here to be directed to the Youth Culture e-Update signup page.

I’m excited about our relaunch of ENGAGE. Be sure to signup, and once you get it, you have our permission to forward, print out, and distribute every little nook and cranny of ENGAGE without limit!

One thought on “I’ve Got Something Exciting To Tell You! . . . .

  1. Walt, we write this with the knowledge that you may censor it, as we disappointingly discovered, for some unknown reason, that you deleted our very complimentary comment towards you in your caring, loving, empathetic post of March 24,2010 on the “Day of Silence”, after it had remained posted for quite some time. Did your Board of Directors object to it’s pro-gay slant? That’s the only explanation that my husband and I can come up with.

    Dear Mr. mcclung
    Both my husband and I often go to the blog sites of those who comment on Walt’s site. Just recently we found “lea’s’’ site (commented on Walt’s Oct.14 post), to be extremely humorous, interesting and heart warming. After we visited your site we were left totally appalled, disgusted, and aghast.
    You state that you are a Youth Pastor and “Unapologetically Politically Conservation (sic)…. member of The Savage Nation”. How in Jesus’ name can you call yourself a Christian, let alone a Youth Pastor, and be an ardent follower of this pathetically hateful, bigoted, and dangerous man – Michael Savage??? His hateful gay bashing is equal to that of the despicable Fred Phelps. Savage also spews his hateful venom against numerous other groups and ideologies.
    Are you aware that some of the youth you pastor to are gay? Do you believe that Jesus would be a member of The Savage Nation? We believe that Jesus would emphatically condemn this man’s hate speech. Please do some deep soul searching and praying about your continued fervent support of Michael Savage and let Jesus’ teachings and examples be your guide. In Christ’s name, Jim and Diane Ruehling

    How telling that he chose the pen name of “Savage”, as his real last name is Weiner.

    We are the parents of a gay son who is no longer with us due to the hate, violence, ostracizing, and our own unacceptance of the gay lifestyle.

    Michael Savage and Fred Phelps are banned from entering the United Kingdom due to their hateful and violence promoting speech.

    It is Christian support of this type of speech, which rightly promotes non-Christians fear of Christian influence, and represents the epitome of Christian hypocrisy.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Michael Savage go to “hubspots.com”, and search “Michael Savage-hate speech”, or google “Michael Savage-hate”.

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